Counselling EMDR Supervision York North Yorkshire 

Counselling EMDR Supervision York North Yorkshire About MeCounselling provides a prearranged time and place set aside just for you, for us to explore what has brought you to therapy. You might want to talk about recent events which you are struggling to deal with, or past events which are still impacting on your life.

It might be that you know exactly what you would like to work on, and which approach you would like me to use, or you might prefer for me to make some suggestions of how we might work together and which approaches I feel might be most helpful for you.

I appreciate that everyone is different and what might work well for one person could feel completely alien to another, so I tailor my approach to suit individual needs. We may decide to work together using one approach or we may use a combination.

Which ever way we choose to work, I will do my best to help you explore your issues and work towards resolving them and/or developing coping strategies to deal with what might arise in the future.

During our first session you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and we will discuss what you would like to achieve from our work together.

We will agree on how many sessions we would have initially, although this may alter depending on how quickly our work progressed. Short term counselling lasts for between 6 to 8 sessions. The amount of sessions for longer term counselling would be discussed and mutually agreed upon as the work moved forward. The sessions last for 60 minutes and would generally take place on a weekly basis.

My priority is working towards establishing and maintaining a strong therapeutic relationship, within which you feel safe, supported, yet challenged enough to gain new insight and the ability to feel able to move forward and get on with living you life in the way you choose to live it.



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