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Counselling EMDR Supervision York North YorkshireEMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) works to harness our natural problem solving ability.

We naturally process everyday information whilst we sleep during periods of REM (Rapid Eye Movement.)


EMDR can process thoughts and feelings about events which have become “stuck” e.g. traumatic events, events where there has been a risk of serious harm to self or others,  sudden illness or loss of a loved one, involvement in an accident, being subjected to abuse, and situations where we felt out of control.  EMDR can also be an effective method of therapy for dealing with Phobias and  OCD.

First hand experience of trauma is not always the cause of traumatisation as it can also be experienced vicariously.

Our brains process every day events storing them in our narrative memory, there to recall if needs be.

Traumatic events get “stuck” and can be triggered seemingly for no reason, causing a feeling of overwhelm and in some cases flashbacks.  The triggering has been caused by something we have seen, heard, touched, smelt or tasted, causing our brain to link back to the traumatic event.


Anxiety can occur when there seems to be be no rational explanation for it.  Panic attacks can happen in situations we rationally feel safe in. When trauma is experienced it can alter ability to filter out what is dangerous and what is not. EMDR can help to reset that filter.

It is not always necessary to know the origin, or the reasons for anxiety in order to be able to work effectively using EMDR.  It also offers choice around how much disclosure, if any, to make.


I have always had a particular interest in working with anxiety.  It is my belief that many issues can improve if the anxiety involved is lessened.

I began my EMDR training in 2007, as I felt that I needed an effective tool to work with trauma, and became a qualified therapist in 2008. At the beginning of 2012 I became an EMDR Europe Accredited Therapist.

Prior to my EMDR qualification I had past experiences of going round in circles when working with trauma.  Although I carefully assess who EMDR will be suitable for, I feel that it has given me an effective way to help  clients to process unwanted thoughts and feelings.

It is a different way of working compared to other therapies and the concept and initial experience of EMDR can feel a little odd to begin with.

My aim is to introduce clients  to EMDR as gently as possible at a pace which feels acceptable, to enable confidence in our work together and experience just how effective this therapy can be.

I am passionate about taking part in training regularly, adding to and updating my skills.  Most recently I trained in using the Flash Technique which is, in my opinion a wonderful way of working with trauma without having to access the rawness of the negative feelings attached to it.


More information about this form of treatment can be found by contacting me or at:- www.emdrassociation.org.uk



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