I am a BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor of individuals. I have been working as a supervisor since 2007.

From my own experience, I understand how isolating working as a counsellor or other caring professional can be and the important part supervision plays to lessen this.

I would describe my supervisory approach as integrative humanistic.  My belief that the establishment of a solid therapeutic relationship is paramount has carried forward from my work as a counsellor into my work as a supervisor.

The Rogerian core conditions form the foundation for my approach and I draw upon a  variety of other approaches e.g. Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Attachment Theory, Creative Work etc. depending on the wants and needs of the supervisee and their clients.

I am aware of the potential difficulties the imbalance of the power dynamic within the supervisory relationship can bring.  My aim is to work towards keeping the balance as even as possible.

Bearing in mind developmental stage and varying needs, my intention is to empower my supervisees to feel able to work with their clients to their full potential and satisfaction.

My goal is to provide a balance of support and challenge for the supervisee as an individual.

Creating a safe, reflective time in which they can explore their work and gain a wider perspective on what occurs within the counselling/supervision space.

I see supervision as somewhere difficulties can be explored, but also as a place to acknowledge the work you are proud of as I believe it is important that this does not get lost.

I am keen to understand the needs and wants of each individual supervisee e.g. what are their hopes and fears around supervision, what approaches they are interested in, former supervision experiences (what has/hasn’t worked for them) etc.

I think it is possible to work holistically whilst keeping the client’s best interest in mind at all times.  I do not expect my supervisees to leave their personal selves completely outside of the room as I believe this can cause blocks to the work.

As an Accredited EMDR Therapist I am able to offer supervision to counsellors who integrate EMDR into their approach.

I also offer supervision to individuals other than counsellors working within a caring profession.


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