“I went through a really bad patch in 2009/2010. I was put in touch with Dawn and we worked together sorting out my issues and it really helped me to get my life on track. It gave me the confidence to embark on a life changing career move and I’m now in my dream job.  I had previous experience of counselling and felt patronised. This is not something you would ever encounter with Dawn. I would highly recommend her – the only down side being that you almost feel disappointed when you no longer need her support!”

“Dawn listened to my thoughts and problems and helped me to plan for the future. Without that I wouldn’t have got through the past few months.”

“I visited Dawn seeking help for issues from my childhood that were affecting my current relationships and causing me a lot of anxiety and self-doubt.  Dawn guided me through these issues with her insightful and compassionate counselling and EMDR techniques and I am overwhelmed with the results.  I now feel stronger, happier and have true acceptance and belief in myself.  Throughout the process I felt completely safe and able to go at my own pace.  Thank you Dawn for navigating me through my challenges to a much brighter future!”

“Since the beginning of the year I was feeling more and more overwhelmed by work, home, life in general, but  never actually thought of therapy, but it got to the point that I was just not functioning and thought I would try anything! Thank goodness I did,  Dawn is incredibly insightful and very quickly helped me understand what the issues were and how to change both my interpretation and the impact of them. Thank you Dawn, I feel completely re-energised.”



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